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Through the years Detroit Community Solutions has provided opportunities for youth to develop their tremendous potential while also earning an income. The program is called Leadership Now. We currently are a worksite provider with Growing Detroit’s Young Talent program. Young people are trained in personal development, successful living, financial literacy, team building, and community development.

Each year the students chose a group project that serves the community. They are coached on how to organize, advertise, and host an event that highlights their project. One year the youth decided to highlight homelessness in our community. They raised funds to purchase “care packages” to distribute to the homeless, developed a series of interview questions, conducted and recorded interviews, created a presentation, organized and hosted a community meeting. One year a cohort of our students combined with other youth programs in the area to protest violence in the community by creating signs and standing on opposites sides of a major street displaying their signs. Another group did a social media campaign against online bullying. In addition to the above-mentioned projects our youth always do other community service projects such as community clean ups, tire sweeps, and things that assist our seniors.

In 2018 Our CEO Bishop Tony Russell was honored by the Skillman Foundation as one of 50 People who represent the heart of Detroit recognizing heroes who support youth.

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