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DCS has a well-respected reputation as a community convener. One executive of DTE Energy once said, “Detroit Community Initiative is the place where people come when they want to get things done in the community.”

DCS has been active in several initiatives that have helped shape the landscape of Northeast Detroit such as The Skillman Good Neighborhoods and the formation of The Osborn Neighborhood Alliance and Osborn Business Association. In 1998 we established the Northeast Village Collaborative to amplify the voice of our community.

We were very active in advocating for the re-development of parcel of land at Gratiot and 7 Mile Road. The Shops at Northeast Village were developed in 1999 anchored by a 54,000 square foot Kroger grocery store. We have also been instrumental in the development of 3 parks including Jose Fiak Play Field, Wish Eagan Park, and Beland Manning Park.

The Northeast Village Collaborative Community Round Table continues to be a powerful force for positive change where residents, youth, community organizations, businesses and government officials meet in the same space to create change.

If you ask the right questions you can find a solution to any problem. If you can find “the why” in any situation, “the what” becomes changeable!
Tony Russell, CEO

CCED Residents
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