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DCS has developed 145 units of affordable housing including Conner Creek Elderly, (48 units) NDNI Elderly, (48 units) and Saratoga Homes, 49 Single Family Homes. DCS is a member of Community Development Advocates of Detroit, Doing Development Differently in Detroit, and Community Development Advocates of Southeast Michigan.


Our commitment to affordable housing goes far beyond building buildings.  At DCS we are committed to building neighborhoods.  We envision vibrant, walkable, safe communities where people can thrive regardless of their age, ethnicity, social status, or income.  We understand that a home is the foundation to stability and a key building block in generational wealth creation.  Housing stability has a major impact on health, wellbeing, and educational outcomes for children. 


Beginning in 2022 we are excited to make homes that were previously rented available for purchase to those who have lived in the home.  Special features of this program include:

  • Financial management and homeownership training and coaching.

  • Security deposits credited as down payment.

  • Special financing that removes the barriers to traditional financing.

  • Short term mortgages with built in concessions that will keep mortgage payments close to the same amount of rental payments.

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